There are many types of weaves such as Peruvian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair, Eurasian hair and Brazilian hair which are so beautiful, long, attractive and cheap that one can change it weekly as many times as he or she wants. Most of the time one spend money to maintain their hair so as to look handsome or beautiful, little did they know how someone sacrificed so as to get that hair.

Though few (weaves) are animal or synthetic hair most of them are pure human hair. The only question is what do you know about the hair on that beautiful head? Know that it’s a sacrifice made in India.

According to BBC news by Justine Lang, every year millions of people travel to two temples In southern India hoping for answers to their prayers as they offer the most beautiful and valuable part of their body in form of hair so as their prayers can be answered.

A study reported by CNN revealed that weaves and braids may contribute to a type of permanent hair loss known as central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia or CCCA, which is a form baldness that begins at the crown of the head and leads to scaring.

It is estimated that Indians export an estimate of 2000 tons of temple hair a year and the temple official have defended their decision saying that they have used the money to build schools and hospitals which is more economical than it was going to be thrown away.

So beware our ladies as a staggering 59% of black women who participated in the study had hair loss on top of their scalp.


3 thoughts on “  FROM SACRIFICE TO HAIR EXTENSION (weave)

  1. Interesting! Its a great that through this channel you can inform your readers of the effect of extensions. I am sure not everyone know about this.. Knowledge is power. Cheers for an interesting blog :0

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