Confession of a boy and a girl in a Kenyan campus that will shock all parents


It was early September 2016 when I met this one man the love of my life. I didn’t know meting him would turn into something special only God knows the reason why I met him. There was one thing that was special with him. Okay contrary to many girls when a man approach them for a relationship they tend to put a lot of things into consideration. Some always want those who are light skin, dark skin, tall, short, dressing code, financially stable and so on.

For me it’s different, when I first saw him I found myself loving him. By that time I had experience a terrible heartbreak. I vowed not to love any man in my life. I wanted to be single until God gave me that man who means everything to me.

He was unique, as experienced earlier, most men rehearse on what they want to tell a lady. But he different, he only said two things that fateful night; love you and I want to spend my night with you. I couldn’t refuse because I had already had feelings for him I was just waiting for his proposal.

As told earlier I thought he was one of those guys who are “mafisi ”as they say it in campus, I thought he wanted to waste me by sleeping with me that night then he leaves me but I was wrong. I love him that my life is worthless without him and sometimes I feel like killing any lady spending most of the day with him.


Being in campus for two years taught me many things but what I wanted to experience most was being a “fisi”, to have more than one lady without truly loving them. Many of us were told different stories and suddenly I hard to experience them myself.

I met these girl with one of my friends and as the rule of( mafisi) I ask her the room number and as usual the fear of senior student struck through her then I was set to go after I was told the room number.

On reaching her room I told her two thing, I love you and I’ll like to spend the night here. And as I said the fear of the so called senior student was waking to my favor, she never declined. That was to be the best day of my life as that was the day I lost my virginity but to the contrary it showed me something special yet wasteful.(the way to win the heart of campus lady) and as the trend goes so as my mission as a fisi.

I knew the lady loved me so much and after all as they say all ladies are the same so I designed the calendar and set a date when i’ll break up with her. With no hesitation I did just that and carried the legacy of the fisi team.

After a semester on the so called mafisi legacy I realized that I was sick. STD was the general name so that’s why after guidance and counseling I reconciled with the lady and we decided to share the story and to alert ladies and all students in campus.

fisi: an hyena( a man who is greedily yearning for ladies and have bad intensions) .

mafisi: many fisi.


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