unnoticed addiction.

video gamevideo game.

Not drugs ,pills nor syringe yet dangerous as those, enjoyable and interesting yet wasteful,its the king of mind development yet digs our graves. Is these the new addiction of a modern world and today’s youth?

It is interesting to see gamer(s)  so engrossed in the game as they jump, celebrate and curse as they control the FIFA PlayStation players. Student center was the center of it all let alone outside the campus that I couldn’t tell the exact number. The happiness and the joy was something interesting and I wondered if the same energy was invested in books then who knows if our youth would have been the strength of our slagging  economy!!

As some might call it a good way of relieving stress or even a good alternate to alcoholism, it also has the worse negative part called addiction.

An addict is a man or woman who can’t do without certain activities, habit or a substance. Hence according to dictionary.com, it is a course to become physiologically dependent on an addictive substance or an activity.

Have you ever wondered what courses video game addiction? First of all let me say that it is the designers because like any other business they come up with games that are challenging enough to keep you coming back for more but not so hard that the player gives up.

According to psychguide.com, the symptoms associated with video game are either emotional or physical. Emotional symptoms  include Feeling restless when unable to play, Preoccupation with thoughts of previous game and its challenges, Lying to friends on the amount of time spent playing, Isolation from others so as to get more time playing. While the physical symptoms include Fatigue, Migraines due to intense concentration or eye strain, Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by overuse of controller.

According to addictive behaviors study conducted from Harvard medical school which used modern imagine procedure to compare brain connection of 16 and 15 people diagnosed by alcoholism and internet gaming disorder respectively. They concluded that some of the changes in brain function are the same in both alcoholism and gaming.

The study discovered patterns of “abnormal white matter” on the brain that was not there in people who are non addicts. That is the evidence of disrupting pathways related to decision making, emotions and self-control which are similar to drug addiction.

Though video gaming might be the best alternative to drug addiction among the youths, it should also be approached with the same care as it is also as addictive as drugs.



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