How gossip ruined my campus life.

There are many ways to define a hobby but this was what I used to call a hobby and as any other thing I got better in it than anything else. Being the best at it made me a little famous at campus. Though my friends nicknamed me the database I was driven by the motto that no one can hide something from me without my concert.

Slowly through the days things started catching up with me and the consequences of my actions were a bit worse that anyone can friends started calling me names that I couldn’t bare and that’s where everything life became a living hell through these.

Fighting with my friend

As my nature was I used to visit a friend, gather there story and tell the other friends about it. These one day changed everything as we were talking of what happened to a friend and then I rushed to the other friend to tell not the exact thing but totally different thing.

The good thing or bad thing with gossip is that after collecting the information you don’t deliver the exert thing, people say you put a lot salt to it to make it interesting. As they say birds of the same feather, my friend on the other hand went back to my initial friend and told not the exact story but the added one to make it interesting. The information changed twice making its authenticity totally different.

The story was about a weekend rave that got both friends came to asked and as normal I denied everything that what led to the fight and more badly my name appearing on the disciplinary list on the senate.

Expulsion from the campus

How can I, a young student defeat the senate rule? The lecturers to lawyers! That was next to impossible as I didn’t have any defense attorney due to my humble background. The only chance I heard was to accept the guilt and pray on that their sympathy could favor me with no more than two academic years but that wasn’t the case as a rule is a rule and I was to be the example to the others. Three years it was, no crime as I accepted my fate, no love as I destroyed it but the question is WHAT DO I TELL THEM? Of course my parents.

Breaking with the love of my life.

Strong love is driven by both behavior and attitude. Mine was unacceptable, I knew but I heard to convince the love of my life that it was just a mistake and I couldn’t do it again. Everyone fell on a deaf ear, tears fell down my chicks as I went back home as campus wasn’t my place anymore.

Destroying a marriage.

Alone I was as many students and pupils went to school. A rage and regret turned to indiscipline as I knew my life was destroyed and there was nothing anyone can do about it. a lone ranger I was but what was I fighting against?

That attitude doesn’t come from anywhere or that it is in ladies nature to gossip. That’s it, I knew exactly those I was in that league with and I swore to destroy their mastermind. Little did I know that she used to make up stories from nowhere but it was too late as she was signing divorce papers.

No one wanted to see me or do anything with me, I was double doomed. What could I have done? What’s the answer to these discrimination in the society? Yeah I knew exactly what’s the only option was and I heard to do it. Holding a rope standing on a stool in my bedroom was the easier part but toasting the stool aside made me see light. That place was horrible that I prayed for a last chance and luckily enough I saw everybody around me. That ordeal will forever be with me.




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