are you understanding your child?


Apart they are but whose there for me not to mention my other siblings? Sometimes you say our education is what really matters but that was before I reached at campus. Mum and dad please come together we really miss your support let alone your guidance. These life is hard without you guys, we are really suffering.


Please understand us through all the situation. Rules are there for us to follow and that is there in every family but since when the parents job come first and our care later? When am around you I really feel valueless. Daily chores have been my thing since 10 and am now 20, when will you really introduce me to something other than that? Mum in case of anything what will I do to help my siblings?

Being alone or with friends nowadays makes me safe but next to you I feel really demoralized. That confidence about my self is lost. Everything is there but what’s the right time to take meals or should daily chores be observed than the time to take a meal? Boiled vegetables are sweeter when taken at the right time. Is it child labor or am I your child? Please mum I really need you.


Seeing you is the most precious thing the almighty has given me but where are you dad? I really need someone to share with these troubles in my life and not a dad that issue only punishment when he’s home. That encouragement really matters to me dad, it really keep me going despite the obstacles in life. Going away made me change interest because no one could mentor my talent. Dad am really good at football but the gate you lock keeps me away. Even though am good in the four wall class I have no one to give me directions. Is it really true that the normal way is what makes us successful?

Travelling all over the world searching for fee but what does it really mean to me? Paying fees at once is the best thing every parent can ever do for a child but being sent at home, paying little fee and mentoring me is the best thing I ever wanted.

They call us rich but am poor in mind, am really suffering dad. I need you to pick me up when am down, to help me balance my football and education, to help me mentor our siblings and don’t let the world to teach us that lesson you should have taught. My friends have done enough dad I really need you.

Please! Please! Give us that confidence to do everything and to have that believe that we are doing the right thing. Four wall class is good but talent is also cool, I want them all because only God knows tomorrow. It’s not about the rule but it’s about the understanding between us, it’s not about fees but the coordination between payment and mentor-ship, it’s not all about distance but being there when I need you, but most of all support my ideas and help me build them.

Love of a parent is so precious that we can’t let go. Please come at our rescue. LOVE YOU ALL.


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