campus bush

Campus when well utilized can be a universe of knowledge but when wrongly utilized it can also give you a universe of knowledge wrongly used. Being a senior student at the campus equipped me with diverse knowledge of great power which we misused knowing it was the right thing to do. Most students in Kenyan campuses does some of these..

Doing Exile, importation and exportation

This was like the main idea of student taken that from high school they were told on how they were going to enjoy life in campus. As a young student at campus, being alone was a thing of the past as I couldn’t allow a senior student to bring a lady in my room for a whole week and expect me to operate from friends and get everything right as far as education is concerned. Being away from your room (exile) really hurts and that motivated me to have a lady so as we could both spend in the same room as equals.

As I have said exile is getting out of the room to give way for either a lady or a man in favor of your roommate, importation on the other hand requires getting your lover from home to a hostel room so as to enjoy with her. Being exported on the other hand is going away from school day so as to meet with your lover who’s away from campus.

If you are not doing one of those in your campus then as they say “you haven’t enjoyed campus”.

Being Electricians

My friend on the other hand is much of a risk taker than I am, how could you expect him to spend the little money he has if there is an option? He is such an opportunist that he stated tapping off electricity, connect it to a burner (coil) and prepare his meal. That was much cheaper so most of us joined him.

Wires became our thing that we could tap electricity from sockets, main switch and connect to coils that made it easier to prepare meals despite the huge cost of bills.

Disagreement between electricians and the administration increased the rate at with student can handle things themselves.

Despite all those the greatest threat we faced is that although no rule could apply to students because we could strike or demonstrate, we couldn’t escape the wrath of being found alone doing such thing as it could be an automatic expulsion from the university.

The Christians

My neighbor was such a Christian that most of as envy him. But not from these day. Mostly we knew him as a leader of the Christian union and didn’t expect such an ordeal. What the hell in the name of the Christ do ladies spend most of the night in his in the same bed yet no temptation occur?

Maybe that’s try but not these one. These day I was to join the bible studies due to my envy at them. Suddenly on the way things changed as most of them could walk in pairs of two holding hand in matter suggesting that it wasn’t just the study but the opportunity to get time to spend most of the nights during the study.


Music listening

This is where most people are. The university could offer us with free internet for research but the question is do we really research? No I don’t think, most of us use it to download songs from our superstars and make sure its lots of them so as we could connect them to our systems as that has the power to even seduced that beautiful girl you have been admiring.

This normally leads to organization of bushes which may lead to having lots of drinks, dancing and mostly sex which is the motive of it all.

Hawker or let’s say business students

As always, students are not of the same background and some of as come with a way to overcome their worries. How do they do that? They could partner some business people outside the campus, sell their products to students which they get a commission after that. You might say they are wasting time but everybody knows how to allocate his or her time and only them knows what they get through it.


Everywhere there is politics, so as our campus. During elections, those aspiring to be leaders could come and convince that their policy is the best. Call it a tradition or poverty but as usually after saying how their policy could impact our lives they could give us some money which we call (something small).

This is a campus in new generation. Will we end bribe given to us by our leader?


Of course there are the brighter side of what we normally do in our hostels. I could write about them but it’s what you all know, what our parents told us to do and mostly what we know is the right thing to do.




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