What will you do if your parents are either too poor to take you to school but you passed and managed to reach campus level or has many children that you are the last in the priority list? To me having a parents support is just but a dream. I use all my HELB and Basary loans to pay fee leaving no room for other things. This semester was different as I had to use everything I got on fees leaving me with only two thousand shilling to spend the entire semester. These are the magical tips that helped me through the semester.

Use a hundred shillings weekly

It seems like a little some of money but when there is no alternative then it’s quite a lot. Having bought maize of about two kilograms that could last me for two weeks, I could buy cooking oil of twenty shillings. The staple meal would be ugali and local vegetables (sukumawiki) and of course as every other comrade we wouldn’t worry of the means of preparing meals as we could tap electricity and use coil burners for cooking. As this being the procedure of the day, inviting friends could be a little difficult. I used to pretend to be residing on an online basis (that is staying with friend(s) and not specifically one).

Being a socialite.

My other secret come from what I do during my free time. I realized that having lots of friends was really helped me. I had about twenty best friends, who the hell have twenty best friends, I guess that was me. After a week of my staple, I could make a list on how I will visit all my friends and make sure that they couldn’t realize how I was broke. The first five could be from Monday to Friday lunch while the next five could help in those days but on supper meal. After that I could rest for two days and start a week with other friends. But beware, it wasn’t that easy, I tried my level best that may my friends weren’t neighbors so as to maintain the consistency.

Spend most of the time reading.

The best way I could go through the day was through reading. Most of the time I could spend at the library because it was the best way to get my mind off being hungry. But it wasn’t just getting my mind off it but it helped me adjust to the situation of other students.

First, the last month of the semester become my favorite month. Most of my classmates consulted me concerning the assignments and the revision of the exams. But as a busy man I could charge for the time I waste explaining the concepts. But this only applied to men.

Second, women were different. They were a little bit generous and sluggish. Instead of coming to me in the library, they used to call me for supper in order to get time to teach them things. Despite that they used to pay well for the services which I enjoyed a lot.

Lastly I could make sure that am the last person leaving the library at 10 pm and I could make sure I extend my studies till midnight or even 1pm so that after my usual supper I could sleep until late so as to miss my breakfast. That actually seemed to be normally to me considering where I come from.

Before matiang’i time, I could be booked so that other students could sit next to me during exam period and help them in exchange they pay for the help. But because of the changes brought by matiang’i, I couldn’t benefit more on that area as many students advanced with the situation.

Attend seminars.

After a lot of reading, assume or even like to explore in order to get knowledge from the events organized by the school. The main reason should not only be knowledge you get from the speaker but the refreshment you get during the event. I used to attend all events not only the ones related to my course but any with the signs of refreshment or even lunch being given.


Those reasons were so many that I could sit down and ask myself what about others, how do they manage this or am I the poor kid at campus? This was my survival tactics and they served me well. You might say it’s impossible but with me everything was possible and I take the world as it is.





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