New campaign strategy in a Kenyan campus.


Let alone the most expensive campaigns held nationwide, moi university student leaders as advanced their game by using new techniques during their campaign. First of all it isn’t about the money but the reach, it isn’t about show-off but their opinions and strategies. Here are some of the tactics they use

Group campaign

This is where a leader I could pay off some student something small so that they could shout out my name so as to create attention and through that attention I become one of the popular guys or contenders at campus. So you must be thinking of how much can make a comrade leave all his work to just sing my name? Hundred shillings only and due to the current state of the economy I could form more than five groups to cover every part of the campus.

Door to door campaigns

This is a little cooler because of its convincing nature. A hostel has more than three hundred doors so the best thing to do is first determine your stronghold. Everybody has strongholds, mine could be four hostel, so what I normally do take four of my loyal campaigners and divide the hostel according to your year because people tend to vote for their people more.

We could walk with at least fifty shillings each for tea while convincing the comrade how you will serve them best. This normally works if something for tea is a bit higher than your competitor.

Notice board posters

So this is a bit normal. For us in campus everybody has the knowledge of computers and after designing my posters, I could give by friend at the cyber so that I can help him during my reign.


For your campaign to be a success, you have to be generous. Even though I don’t drink alcohol, I could visit pubs at times on Fridays to at least by those I find there two bottles of wine. This is one of the most effective as they could sing about you the whole night.

Campus association visits

Do your campus as associations? My campus has different associations according to either tribe, county or school. This is where I used to go during their meetings talk to them over a soda and at departure I could give their leader something small, let’s say two hundred shillings.

Fighting for comrades rights.

The other thing which helped me was that in case of any discontent by the comrades, I could go and find out what’s happening and communicate back to the comrades. I always do these even if its someone’s responsibility so that when they criticize you, you could get the favor of the comrades and that’s the best way to get their votes.

Be there while they vote.

The last secret is to be their during voting and promise them something after they vote you. So do we always give something? It depends, when I have won the election then I can give about five hundred shillings and tell them to share to avoid the stress of being fair to all.

Lastly being a leader mostly in Africa is hard as you have to use the means that will make you do anything so as to return your money.


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