Virtual reality in campus that contradicts


There is quite a motivating imagination among campus students about life they are having in campus and the life after campus. Most of them are quite cool and if wishes were horses then most of us could be rich even before we are out of campus. So what have you ever believe in at campus that does not actually exist?

Married to a wealthy husband.

Have you ever heard a lady talking about how she will finish campus and get married to a wealthy man? That’s cool if that could happen to any campus girl but the truth is that most of it are just wishes. As they say you get only what you deserve, how can you get what you haven’t worked for? Maybe through a miracle but our ladies should know that we men goes for the ladies that can have an impact in our lives.

This ideology that makes most ladies say that they have worked or read enough and that there is someone who reads for them should stop. This is because we men have experienced what happens in our families and wouldn’t like to repeat the same mistake as our parents. We want that financial support because in this world there isn’t anything greater than love plus money

Having second house to go to incase of divorce

Most campus ladies have a marriage plan, the question is that do they really work? have you ever heard a lady tell you how if they break up with her husband then it will have found her having a separate apartment that will be able to host her instead of going to her mother’s place. Or has a lady told you that after campus she won’t have the time to solve things with her husband because she would already have a job and could sustain herself without her husband.

The question is why were you really married in the first place? Is it love? And as we all know every relationship has its ups and down and so what a fool will you be if a small understanding can make you lose your family or what is money worth without a family to help you spend it.

Getting employed immediately after campus

As men we are leaving in a state of denial. We can’t just believe that there are people out there who have searched for employment for about even two years. Sometimes it is possible to get employed at school or immediately after school but why do we believe it’s a must before even assessing ourselves if we are good enough for the market.

Being rich

Being rich involves a lot of hard work and determination so it’s not quite true to hear from a campus student saying how rich he or she will be after campus. All these is possible but you have to work for it early enough so that your odds would favor you.


So if in campus and you are reading this then ask yourself what do you really want? And if you know what you what the start hard work towards it with a little determination and you will be set for everything you want. As for ladies ask yourself if you really want a family and if yes then fight for you family. As we all believe is a good thing then we should a realistic aims that we are able to work towards.





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